As the name of our company shows, is a very special company. This unique and special character is what gives the advantage for which you have an extra reason to choose It must be noted that does not ask for charity, but, instead, offers charity.


By reading “About” in the footer menu, you will find out that is a company which by its statute, provides 99% of profits to charities. There are no owners who expect huge profits from the company. Unlike the competition! What this means for you:

Nobody is pushing for excessive profits at the expense of customers
We work with creative lust and mood, and we are not cold-motivated for high profit at your expense
We work with joy, because we are working to produce a small surplus, in order to offer to charity
Our prices are fair and fairly calculated only for minimum profitability for a good cause, and not for excessive profits that end up in the pockets of some rich people
Our services (and products) are top quality, because our interest is the creative work and the honest development of “the company of the poor”, not the cold profit
Your choice is not only a good result at a good price for you, but also a choice of a truly “good” company, that deserves your preference

The operation of is inherently a creation. We work with the motivation to do good with our work. Instead of begging on behalf of the poor, we established a company whose profits belong to them, and work creatively to this cause, while offering our work in the market at a low price.

Lastly, check our portfolio, check our prices and talk to our clients. There, we hope you will find real and rational reasons to choose us, beyond sentimentality for the purposes of our company.