What is philanthropy.gr?

Philanthropy.gr ltd. was founded In May 2010. Philanthropy.gr implements the idea of ​​creating a company that belongs to the poor (not another non-profit organization). All companies in the world distribute 100% of the distributed profits to the shareholders (this is called a dividend). Philanthropy.gr distributes 99% of its distributed profits to the poor, according to the statute, which is valid for 500 years, and it does not allow this percentage to change, never and for any reason! It was not possible to offer 100% to charities according to the statute, because then it could not be a company, but would necessarily be a non-profit organization.

What does philanthropy.gr do?

Philanthropy.gr is a company that sells products and services. At good prices! Then, it offers 99% of profits to charities. Use the menu to see what we do in detail. Philanthropy.gr does not ask for your money, but asks for your preference for your purchases.

Why is philanthropy.gr an innovation?

Because it is an innovative step towards the elimination of poverty and to repeal the charitable donations from ordinary humans. Through the normal operation of the market, with simple purchases that people do anyway, it is possible to help the world’s poor. Preference is enough. The suggestion is that you do not buy only from companies that belong to the rich. Buy also from the poor. You don’t need to offer charities.

What can you do for philanthropy.gr?

You can do a few things:

  • Buy services from philanthropy.gr. We build websites & applications, we offer web hosting, we print your own logo or anything else you wish on any object, we setup and manage advertising campaigns on the internet etc.
  • Buy products from philanthropy.gr. Simple things we sell. All, available at very good prices.
  • Talk to your acquaintances about philanthropy.gr. Suggest other people to know and be customers of philanthropy.gr.
  • “Like” our page on facebook, and recommend your friends to do the same. Also on google+, twitter, linked in. Ethical support is important!

philanthropy.gr’s Philosophy

We believe that any amount of money that can be raised, it will be exhausted. The method of charitable donations is not enough. Another parameter is that ordinary people do not or can not donate. It is worth clarifying that, within the philosophy of philanthropy.gr, charitable donation (charity) is an undesirable practice, especially when done by ordinary people. Donations must be done by wealthy people. However, in practice, we see that this is not enough. The solution is to have a mechanism that is constantly growing and gaining for the poor. Rather than a mechanism based on donations. A mechanism earns on behalf of the poor through the normal operation of the market. A mechanism that redistributes wealth more fairly , but also with fair operation. Philanthropy.gr is the company of the world’s poor people. Through the normal operation of the market, with simple purchases that people do anyway, it is possible to help the world’s poor. No need to rely on generosity to fight poverty. You only need to choose where to make our purchases. Not only philanthropy,gr is a choice against poverty. You can choose for your purchases a little store in your neighbourhood. This also serves the purposes of philanthropy!

philanthropy.gr’s Vision

The vision of philanthropy.gr is to eliminate poverty. The differentiation from other companies is found in the offering of an overwhelming majority stake of the profits to charities. In the statute of the company there is a provision that 99% of the profits are mandatorily offered to charities. There is also the term that these percentages never change. Because the concept of philanthropy is widespread, a few clarifications are given. The perception of priorities is described in the order children, people, animals, environment, culture. Under the statute, it is obligatory to publish the charity distribution of the company. Charity is divided into two sections. One part concerns the future. Its title is “Mission”. The other part concerns the past. Its title is “History”.