VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A secure virtual tunnel is established between you and a VPN server, and all internet traffic goes through that tunnel, encrypted. The VPN servers are in various other countries, so when you visit a website, your IP will not be your IP but the IP of the VPN server. As a result, all your internet traffic is highly secure, and private. All in all, the VPN service is about privacy for you, or for your company.


A VPN offers:

  • Protection against cyber criminals and hackers.
  • Enhanced privacy achieved by hiding user’s online activities from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) and third parties, such as advertising companies or even the government.
  • Access to geographically restricted content and services, which is enabled by hiding the user’s IP address and providing a different virtual location.
  • Bypassing Internet censorship set up by a school, workplace, ISP or the government.
  • Using P2P sharing services safely.


A VPN service is suitable both for Personal use and for Business use.