Rotrex is the leading manufacturer of high speed drive systems. The patented Rotrex compressor allows it to rotate at speeds up to 240,000 rpm. while having high efficiency, compact dimensions, reliability and low noise operation.

The range of Rotrex consists of four basic series: C8 series, C15 series, C30 series, C38 series.

The extremely small size of the C8 and C15 series makes them ideal for small engines, while the C30 and C38 series are designed for larger capacity engines.

C38 Series

Max air flow: 0.63 kg/s0

Performance: 272hp to 720hp0

Maximum impeller speed: 90.000 rpm0

Drive ratio: 1:7.50

C30 Series

Max air flow: 0.39 kg/s0

Performance: 163hp to 435hp0

Maximum impeller speed: 120.000 rpm0

Drive ratio: 1:9.490

C15 Series

Max air flow: 0.22 kg/s0

Performance: 68hp to 238hp0

Maximum impeller speed: 201.500 rpm0

Drive ratio: 1:12.670

C8 Series

Max air flow: 0.065 kg/s0

Performance: 27hp to 75hp0

Maximum impeller speed: 240.000 rpm0

Drive ratio: 1:12.520


S type 1998-2002
The generation of the S30 was the first set of Rotrex sold in the market. By using engine oil, these small and highly efficient units have gained great interest in the market.

SP type 2002-2004
This Rotrex generation had an integrated, dual power oil pump using a special oil. The new lubrication system gave these units a significant increase in performance over the previous generation.

C type 2004-Today
The new Rotrex differs in design from its predecessors in several points. The transmission system and lubrication system have undergone dramatic design changes. Precise sections are made of carefully selected materials using the latest manufacturing techniques, resulting in high reliability and efficiency.


Rotrex turbochargers are the ideal solution for improving the horsepower of every car.
Its unique features, thanks to the patented transmission technology, make Rotrex a choice with many and significant advantages over other supercharging solutions.



  • No lag at lag
  • Low operating temperatures
  • No modification to the car’s cooling system
  • No modification to the lubrication system of the car
  • No modification to the car’s exhaust system
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Cost
  • 3 years warranty



  • High efficiency
  • Low intake air temperature
  • No efficiency decrease on high RPM
  • Compression takes place in the supercharger, not in the intake manifold
  • Low parasitic losses (mechanical performance in transmission system up to 98%)
  • Compact dimensions – low weight
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Cost
  • 3 years warranty



  • High reliability and high resistance due to the absence of gears
  • Low noise due to the absence of gears
  • Higher efficiency due to higher rotation speed
  • Better efficiency on low RPM
  • 3 years warranty


All the above show that Rotrex superchargers can offer high levels of performance with reliability and without any concerns about their installation and/or use. The Rotrex supercharger is the perfect solution for those looking for increased horsepower without the difficulties of the exhaust turbine and the volumetric compressor.