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Full Manual Backup & Maintain Backup for 1 year & Update WordPress, Plugins, Theme (all available updates). For websites up to 500mb, including uncompressed files and database. This service does not include the creation of a development/testing version of the website. Thus, in case the website becomes unresponsive after all the updates have been applied, we will restore the backup and reapply the updates, omitting the update which we diagnosed as the cause of the problem, or applying a resolution if there is one available. We will also check, repair and optimize the database. We will also scan your website for malware/viruses.

In case customizations have been made to the website in a way that they are lost after the updates, this service does not cover the transfer of those customizations to the new version of the website.

Available as an annual subscription.

If you want the same service but without a downtime, please click here to purchase Update WordPress with no downtime.

WordPress is a free CMS software, which is developed by a community of developers. Every new release, fixes bugs, adds new features, improves performance, and enhances existing features to stay up to date with new industry standards.
In other words, when you do not update your WordPress site, you are risking your website security and missing out on new features/improvements.

The Single Task option is offered as a subscription, so you can have a reminder for the minimum maintenance of your WordPress website. This option is suitable only if you do not change your web page content often.

Depending on the frequency your content is changed, we advise to choose the appropriate maintenance period. All subscriptions may be canceled when they expire.

Maintenance Contract Type

Single task, 2 times annual subscription, 3 times annual subscription, 4 times annual subscription, 6 times annual subscription, 12 times annual subscription


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