DIY eshop/website with a Professional Theme and All features

From 300.00 exc. VAT - 300.00 inc. VAT / year


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If you want to Do It Yourself, this is the right service for you.
The price is unbeatable.


You get an eshop/website at the price of a web hosting service.


Check all the features here:


You will have Administrator access to the website back-end, so you can DIY the way you like it.


With a professional theme and an easy to use page builder, you can easily create your website exactly as you want it.


You can also find unlimited online resources like:

so you can do more things with your website.


Choose any theme you like from

* You can choose any theme, before the delivery. On a website that has already been delivered to the client, changing the theme is a paid service.



– This is a DIY (do it yourself) website hosting service without free support. It is suitable for you, if you want to spend some time reading the documentation and learn how to, or already know how to do it yourself. Should you need any help, we are here to help with paid support.
– Our paid support costs as little as 30 euro/hour (+VAT). You can ask for a quote, before getting our paid support.
– You can be sure that you will never be stuck with a problem, since you can get our paid support.
– Upgrade/downgrade shared to shared hosting package is a free service.
– Upgrade/downgrade from or to a Dedicated Server hosting package is a paid service.
– The backup is stored in your account’s disk space.
– This service is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service).
– You may have exclusive Administrator access and disable all our accounts.
– You will not have full access to the web hosting service, no FTP (it is not needed).
– You are not allowed to migrate the website to another infrastructure.
– This offer has limited availability and may be unavailable when orders are in queue.