Adwords & SEO Case Study

This is a Case Study, exhibiting the case of website. The website owner company GO SAFE LTD. came to us for a new website, and at that moment, another “Adwords & SEO Expert” Agency handled these two tasks. Along the way, and after the cooperation leaded to their full satisfaction, the client expressed his will to trust our company to take up these tasks, their Adwords Campaign and their SEO. As you can see in the images below, after we took up these tasks, the improvement was dramatic. This can be shown clearly in the graphs, which take off on April, when we took up. The images take an example date from the period when the previous agency was running their Adwords Campaigns, and an example date from the period when we are running their Adwords Campaigns. On 17 February 2017 they achieved the highest number of clicks, while on 01 May 2017 we achieved the highest number of clicks, so we use these dates to illustrate the difference.


The comparison of the data found on the images below, reveals the following.

“Adwords & SEO Expert” Agency vs ltd.

Dates: 17 February 2017 vs 01 May 2017.

Budget: 6.95€ vs 4.86€.

Clicks: 22 vs 94!

Impressions: 800 vs 45559!

Apart from the dramatic improvement in the numbers of their Adwords Campaigns, the client verified a better targeting on terms of geographic location and interests of website visitors, leading to a significantly highest ROI.


Another impressive improvement, being the result both of creating a new website with the right Basic SEO (that we offer as a service included in every web design project), and an advertising campaign that performs, their website now ranks 1st on Google when searching for their core business terms. Unfortunately, there are no screen shots of the previous situation, when the website appeared in the 5th page or below in the results ranking.